Knights of the Shadows
Kanji 影の騎士
English Knight of Shadow
Romaji Kage no Kishi
Founder(s) Ganon
Headquarters Unknown
Leader(s) Ganon
Purpose To revived the Dragon of Apocalypse, Granima
The Knights of the Shadows (影の騎士, Kage no Kishi); also known as the Fallen Spirits (倒れたの精霊, Taoreta no Seirei) and the Ten Servants of the Apocalypse (黙示録の十使用人, Mokushiroku no Jū Shiyōnin) are the main antagonists of Revenant Tales/Pokémon. They are an enigmatic organization, unknown to most of the Magic factions even the wide-known Necessarius; all gathered under one known as Ganon in order to revive the Dragon of Apocalypse, Granima.

While they shared all the same purpose, several of the members themselves are quite hostile to each other and even have their own motives and agenda of their own; completely unrelated to the Organization's true goals.



List of Knights of the ShadowsEdit

Members Title Status
Ganon Thamiel Active
Kouhei von Klagen Chaigidel Active
Kirika Akatsuki Sathariel Active
Unknown Gamchicoth Unknown
Loransael Hitwulf Golachab Active
Kurogane Takamiya Thagirion Active
Unknown Harab Serapel Unknown
Mikasa Yayoi Samael Active
Azell Lualdi Gamaliel Active
Yamato Takakura Nehemoth Defected