Akasha Spirits (アカシャの霊, Akasha no Rei) are, as the name complies, beings that came from the Akashic Records powers and first introduced in Revenant Night/Pokémon. They were sealed within the parallel gates, the borders that holds the "real" and "alternate" world from ever colliding. However, with the current Heat-Haze's destruction caused a hole in the parallel gates that allows the Spirits to arrived into the "real" world, although it is stated without the Spirits in the parallel gates does not affect the gates from being destroyed.

Through their own will or not it is unknown, but each time a Spirit come through the "real" world, they create a dimensional rift or a "spacequake" that is similar to a bomb explosion, although it is currently unknown if it would happen the same if they arrived in the "alternate" world. There are 7 Akasha Spirits, each of them bears the elements of the Akashic Records and is unique in both personality and their knowledge of both worlds.

The Seven Akasha SpiritsEdit

  1. Ratatosk/Ragnarok - The Origin Akasha.
  2. Sandalphon - The Light Akasha.
  3. Zafkiel - The Darkness Akasha.
  4. Camael - The Fire Akasha.
  5. Zadkiel - The Water Akasha.
  6. Haniel - The Earth Akasha.
  7. Raphael - The Wind Akasha.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Each of the Akasha Spirit has their own unique Akashic powers and abilities as well as the amount of Magic power/Mana they hold within their bodies. However, All spirits have the common feature ability of having an Astral Weapons, and their own unique ability called Nox Nyctores.

Astral WeaponsEdit

Astral Weapon is the Spirits' weapon of choice created by their power. This is common for spirit to have their unique weapon, ranging from swords to even summoned monsters.

Nox NyctoresEdit

Nox Nyctores, is the ability shared by all spirits to use when they have their powers currently sealed. Nox Nyctores allows the spirit themselves being used as a weapon for their wielders, such as transforming as a sword or even fused with their wielder's weapons. Although, some spirits can also used their Nox Nyctores powers being used by themselves instead of their wielders, as proven by Ratatosk.